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The History of CAFS Logo

With the start of a new era shorty after our 60th Anniversary, CAFS made a move in keeping current and fresh! In May of 2010, we unveiled a new logo for CAFS. The new logo is sleek and innovative, while still incorporating CAFS original logo.

CAFS original logo holds a great deal of history and recognition associated with it. Upon researching to find out when the original logo came to be, we concluded it was created at least 40 years ago, being prior to any of our longest standing members.

Old truck steering wheelIt appears the logo was designed around a truck's steering wheel. Do you see the similarities? When designing the new logo, we wished to keep the old logo intact, but to update it so that it more clearly represented CAFS.

Firstly, we wanted our full name "Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors" incorporated into the new design as newcomers do not identify us only by "CAFS". Secondly, we are proud to be a Canadian Association, therefore wanted to incorporate a maple leaf, however did not want that to be the focus of the logo, so you will see the maple leaf is clearly there, but not a main design element. Next a few more smaller but noticeable changes were included.

The designer tilted the original logo somewhat similar to the way a steering wheel would be, while also drawing more attention to the logo and giving it 'character'. To round it out and give it body, the designer then added a fleet of trucks in the background. The new design now clearly represents CAFS and the mainstay of our Association.

Memories of yesterday... Promises of the Future!

Original article submitted by Lori Steele, Director of Operations, May 2010

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