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CAFS 60th Year Celebration

2008 is an exciting year for the Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors as it marks our 60th anniversary since incorporation. When a group of visionary fleet managers first got together in 1948 to discuss the formation of a Fleet Safety Association, they had the forethought to see the importance of developing an Association that could provide knowledge and information in the trucking industry.

Since that initial meeting and the associationís subsequent incorporation in 1948, CAFS has grown into a strong, innovative and professional association. Following along with the same desire as the associationís founding members, we continue to develop and implement innovative and proactive programs and training, in order for our members to reach their maximum potential.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to the Past Presidents, and their Board of Director members, who have led this association over the last 6 decades. It was the visions of these many individuals that have really been the building blocks of this associationís foundation. They have helped us develop exciting goals and have helped develop programs which benefit not only our members, but the trucking industry personnel in general.

Over the years there have been many other dedicated individuals who played a large role in the success of our Maintenance Seminars, Truck Rodeos and other events. Thank you to those unsung heroes.

Of course, the success of CAFS would not be possible without the continued support of our members. Your Association is only as strong as its members. Please participate and provide your input.

I have very much enjoyed the past eleven years of my employment with CAFS, and it is gratifying to see the leaps and bounds CAFS has made. Over the past 60 years there were many highs, as well as some lows, along the way. It is all history, good or bad, and it is these growing steps that have formed CAFS into the successful organization it is today.

CAFS is an Association we can all be proud of! Congratulations on 60 Years!

Lori Steele, Director of Operations

Thank You 60th Year Celebration Sponsors!
Thank you to Our 60th Year Celebration Sponsors!

60 years. It is with great honor that I congratulate CAFS on this, its 60th year helping fleets keep our roads safe. This kind of accomplishment does not come easily. Way to go CAFS and a big thank you to all our members for your continued support. Hereís to another 60 years!

Randy Twiss, President 2007 - 2008

Congratulations to CAFS on reaching this milestone in our history.

I am proud to be part of an organization that has withstood the tribulations of recession and technology and hope to contribute to the ongoing legacy that so many have created.

The founders probably never envisioned a 20 year celebration but here we are doing it at 60.

Thank you all the past presidents and membership who have supported CAFS over the years. A huge thanks goes out to Lori and Dave for gathering information and putting it all together so that we can share the laughs and enjoy the memories that went into creating this event. Happy 60th Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors!

Rick McKinney, Vice President, 2007 - 2008

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